Sunday, November 13, 2011

Global Swarming

Walking through nature's decorum of trees and other foliage. The antipathy grows for the birds as they imbibe the air into the sedated fluttering of their wings. Although, it is not that simple. For nature has given these birds, and all the other creatures of the forest an ultimatum; be strong or die. The prowess displayed is many times what selects who lives and who is consumed by nature.
As you continue to walk, it is patent that the exuberant shell soon gives way to a scene of a beset world. Harrassed by its neighbors. It has few things it can do to pacify the attackers.
As you finally come towards the end of the forest you spot a plume of menacing smoke. It is clear now who the implacable fiend is, it is yourself.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Found my Step Brother

Catalina Wine Mixer
I am ready
Walkin' tall
Biggest helicopter leasing event

I wanna make bank
I wanna drive a range rove

Shut up
You're waking the neighbors
but I'm not dead

Chewbacca masks
Its okay,
That mine is not movie quality

I don't believe in belts

Liquid paper on a bee
It died

Stay Golden, Ponyboy

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Coming

There is something great coming, something of high integrity and placidity. Yet, it will be alluded to as a obnoxious, greedy, and unreasonable. It is something barely fathomable. Something that, when at its peak, will create a potent wave energy for times to come. Though it might plagiarize itself after its coming, it will only be because of those that have shaped it. Stark in context, it should never be misconstrued as something that is good willed. It should always be taken with an air of caution. If at once it never appears, then we know that we have found the end, the most certain and conclusive end.
There is something great coming, something called the Future

Sunday, October 2, 2011


There was a bear, a bear affiliated with the mafia. The bearfather. The bearfather was uncanny, in the sense that he was a bear that could talk. Now that is beyond explanation. Unless you ask the bear, because he will tell you some sort of nonchalant crap about being an omniscient being; bequeathed to the world by the grease of Taco Bell. 
One of this hairy beast's favorite things to do was to skulk around the local villages and converge upon a dark corner of the taverns. As he scans the dreary meat locker that constitutes the bar he becomes supercilious of its inhabitants. What normally follows is never veniable to any extent. He grabs for his coat pocket, and with a swift movement he disperses 3 kittens into the room. They make quick work of the finite amount of booze and then they run with the bearfather out the door. Never to be seen again, til next week.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy End

Many times we find ourselves destitute and looking for things to go our way. Hoping maybe to reach the pinnacle of what there is to come. Maybe it will be through renewing those musty hands into something deft and full of beauty. However, that is doubtful. More often than not we premeditate what we must do to succeed, but we lack the will to suppress our emotions and we find that our officious behaviors have ruined what could have been great. Other times things seem to be inopportune and comprised of things we wish would have never happened. In the end it seems that we will never make it, fortunately we can find solace in those that we love and that love us, those who help us make it through life.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harry pt 1.

An inanimate object is normally so negligible that it draws no attention whatsoever, however once every blue moon there comes an object which exhilarates the very air it is incapable of breathing. This certain object is something which each person has throughout them, something that very oftentimes is mused of by the elderly; something that can be easily deleted and some find it their adversary in a daily struggle to maintain their urbane looks.
This item is a human hair, a simple item normally, but this is no normal hair. This hair has "lived" a thorough life. Once it sat upon a man of much culinary prowess. It enjoyed many a sojourn to wondrous cities and endured inclement weather atop his scalp. The young mans hair was once the precedent for all around him, but it quickly met its demise when the stress of his job overpowered him.